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Streaming on 14 Sept 22: #EnergyLab …


‘Solar Energy Storage’ | LowCarbonQld

Recently, the Solar Energy Storage idea was submitted to LowCarbonQld. As my state of Queensland Storage has abundant amounts of #solarenergy, it started with a grassroots approach. Particularly in our current political situation, both state & federal provide Labor consistency, yet changes in Australia’s monarchy may place uncertainty’s.

Australian Labor Party

Returning to the ‘Solar Energy Storageidea 💡, noting how newer generations are influencing changes in older ones. ‘Nothing has changed’ is a common response. Interrelated with this, is our society’s over-reliance on fossil fuels, when renewable energy is largely untapped. This was what drove my application to LowCarbonQld. Following logo speaks for itself … (emoji’s)

Sun Power Battery | ‘Solar Energy Storage’

New-Energy Resources

NEW-ENERGY RESOURCES explores this season’s hot topic: mine closure and rehabilitation. Clean Energy is as much dependent upon how it is extracted and ‘made good’ as it is upon the end product. This issue also looks at battery chemistry and the best options for end-user energy storage as well as an in-depth analysis of the robustly emerging EV market, particularly in Europe.

  • GOING INTO REHAB – sustainable mine closure.
  • THE BESTEST BATTERY – renewable energy storage at the sharp, chemical end of the equation.
  • THE END OF THE BEGINNING – electric vehicles now appear to be approaching adolescence. Energy